The Shakedown 8 is a band that refuses to be confined to a single musical genre. Keeping one foot firmly cemented into Ska and the other free to move around between reggae, gypsy, punk and blues its almost impossible not to move your feet to their shaking beat. At the core of The Shakedown 8 lies a tight backbeat of drums, heavy pounding bass and a skankin’ rhythm guitar. Being accompanied by hammond organ, accordion and vocals the band excels in melodic, upbeat and catchy tunes.

In March 2009, the band was formed by members of the former punk band BIER! and later on Daniel Tak (Ghandi’s Revenge, No Excuse) took over the position of front man. Within six weeks they played their first gig as support act for ”The Slackers”. With their highly energetic live shows and completely unique sound, The Shakedown 8 has had great success playing lots of festivals and venues as headliner as well as supporting bands like The Toasters, The Beatbusters, Mark Foggo, Splendid, Bob Wayne, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Peter Pan Speedrock, Jaya The Cat, The Resignators and The Slackers.


Tak – Vocals
Micha – Bass
Jan – Guitar / Vocals
Imre – Organ
Sakoe – Accordeon
Bas – Drum